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In 2019 there was a lot of speculation about the impact of the new tax assessment on individual properties. 

CHNA was the only organization willing to provide a ballpark calculation of what the taxes might look like. 

Now that we are in 2021 and all the tax rates have been published we no longer need to speculate.  

The tax rates for 2021 are as follows for residents for Chester Heights:

Borough: 0.37878

County: 2.999

School District:18.4414

Total Tax Rate =  21.81918

You can calculate your taxes for each taxing authority or apply a total rate depending on the information you are looking for.


To do the math take the new assessment value is divided by 1000 and multiplied by the millage rate.

In case you are wondering every projection made was higher than the tax bill you received.  CLICK here to see the ERRORs.

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