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Notes from the January 27th Council Work Session

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

This was a quick one folks.

A moment of silence was observed for the late Mayor Stacey Smith who passed away on January 18th.

Roll Call

In attendance tonight were all the council members. Drew Baum served as the interim Mayor and Councilman Cocozza presided over the meeting.

Opportunity for the Public to address Council

  • As a representative of CHNA, I presented the council with a copy of the Resident Inquiry form on behalf of a resident at 305 Llewelyn Rd. concerned about a large amount of stormwater run-off on his property. I asked that they please review the photographs we provided and asked them to contact the resident. A follow-up email will be sent to the borough with a copy to the resident. - Here is a copy of the inquiry form

  • Given the recent attempted child luring a neighbor asked me to inquire about obtaining a "NO OUTLET" sign at the end of a private road in the borough. The response was that it would be up to the HOA to pay for and install the sign and borough approval would not be necessary.

Council Vacancy Interviews

There were 4 folks who put their names in to be considered for the appointment. Council Woman Clarke asked if everyone was notified to be at the interview, the response was affirmative. She also stated that approximately 25 letters were received in support of Philip Block. Councilman Frisker also commented on the strong support Philip garnered in the community, but in the end, he did not support his appointment with a vote.

  • Natalie Anderson - In her interview spoke about bringing the community together and her passion for serving.

  • Philip Block - Spoke about his passion and contributions to public safety, parks, recreation & open space. Dr. Block also spoke how he would like to be part of planning the events celebrating our 75th borough anniversary.

  • Marta Driscoll -Withdrew her name from consideration as she felt that Philip being the top vote-getter of the folks being considered for the council should naturally be the next councilperson. She also mentioned his work in trying to preserve the Powell Property before it was up for development. This yielded a heated rebuke from the council.

  • Jay Thompson - Mr. Thompson was not present. Members of the council asserted that he was provided with information about the interview, but our sources maintain that he was not made aware.

Council Vacancy - Appointment/Resolution

  • Ms. Anderson was appointed to the vacancy.

Appoint Chris Furlong was as Zoning Solicitor

This was a point of administrative oversight at the reorganization meeting and Mr. Furlong was appointed as Zoning Solicitor. This is a KEY POSITION to watch as the Powell Property development comes online. The only way their development happens is if the council approves a zoning overlay.

Post Office Recycling Project

The borough has decided to fund the recycling a post office at the request of a student working on a recycling project. Her mom asked that her name be withheld from the official record so we are respecting that here. The cost to the borough is expected to be nominal at $25 per month and will be rolled into a contract we have with OPDENAKER.

Lenape Escrow Release #2 -

This is a technical matter and I reserve it for the official borough minutes to provide the particulars.

Proposal for Professional Ecological Services/Strine

$2000 was approved to be spent on the Habitat Study to GHD. This study will be required if any improvements are to be made on the soon-to-be purchased open space known as the Strine property.

YTD Budget vs Actual 2019

This item was struck from the official agenda and not mentioned at tonight's meeting.

Annual Traffic Signal Maintenance Contract

The contract was approved for $680 for general traffic light inspection with Higgins Electric.

Old Business

Councilwoman Clarke asked about NIMS training and when did council members have to complete their training. NIMS training is put out by FEMA for individuals to train on emergency response.


New Business

Due to the passing of the Mayor, the position is open and will be filled at the next council meeting, on February 3rd, 2020. All applicants should send their letter of intent to


Additional Period for Public Comment

  • Philip Block - Corrected the record on the actions he took while on the council to explore the potential of keeping the Powell Property as open space.

  • Marta Driscoll - Asked how what the Name for Hamanassett Par k chosen. The response was that the name is not definite, but the council would not commit to public input on naming the park.

  • Marta Driscoll - Asked about the stormwater run-off on her own property since the Lenape Valley development began. The borough engineer asked to come out and review the concern.

  • Jeanne Montgomery - States this was her first meeting and she came to observe how the appointments were being made in light fo the strong support that Philip Block received from the community.

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