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Hamanassett History in Pictures

Updated: Jun 16

The best place to learn the history of Hamanassett is from the owners. Please visit their website to read the amazing history of not just the place, but also of the people who called Hamanassett (website discontinued after 2020 sale. )

Here are a few photographs from our visit.

Hamanassett Timeline:

  • 1856 - Dr. Charles D. Miegs purchases "a tract of land in Delaware county" and builds a home he calls Hamanassett after the Hammonassett area in Connecticut where his English ancestors settled back in 1653/4.

  • June 22nd, 1869 - Death of Dr. Miegs, property passed to General Montgomery Miegs

  • 1870 The Dohan Family purchases the Estate

  • 1894 The Dohan Family finalizes plans for the renovation of the main home.

  • 1899-1925 the renovation of the main house.

  • 1900 Hamanassett becomes a year-round home of the Dohan Family.

  • 1892-1909 Hamanassett is the setting for the Lima Fox Hunt

  • 1933 Dr. Joseph Dohan dies and his wife (Dr. Edith Hall) sells 300 acres of land to settle tax claims.

  • 1943 Dr. Edith Hall dies and the estate passes on to their son David Dohan and his wife Evelene.

  • 1945 Chester Heights separates from Aston and Mr. David Dohan signs the petition for the incorporation of the Borough of Chester Heights on June 24th, 1945.

  • 1984 Hamanassett is established as a bed and breakfast.

  • 2001 Glenn and Ashley Mon purchase Hamanassett.

  • 2003 part of the estate becomes "Hamanassett and Darlington" a development of 11 homes.

  • 2020 After 19 years, Mr. and Mrs. Mon are ready for a little more peace and quiet placed the Hamanassett Estate for sale.

Maybe this is your next adventure?

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