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First-Ever Zoom Council Meeting

Not in Order of Appearance, but rather by topic.

Resolution 320A Proclamation of an Emergency Declaration is currently in effect until April 30th. The borough will continue to follow the guidelines set forth by the state and Governor Wolf.

Public Comment:

Marta Driscoll – Thanked the council for putting together the zoom meeting.

Marta Driscoll – Announced the CHNA Cards for Seniors event and invited council to join in creating 350 Easter and Spring cards for a local senior assisted living facility by April 9th.

Greg Chestnut – When will the Powell property presentation be occurring? Council noted that it had not been scheduled, but will notify residents when the presentation is to take place.

Treasurer’s Report:

Revenue: $32,339.96

Expenditures: $61,646.17

RESOLUTION 420A - $350K in funds for the purchase of the “Strine” Property – 11 Acres at the corner of Baltimore Pike and Darlington Rd. has been transferred. This property has been assigned a new number – 1 Darlington Rd.

Fire Marshal's Report

  • There was 1 kitchen fire in the Village of Valleybrook

  • The Fire Marshal has also been fielding inquiries from residents wanting to have small campfires to roast marshmallows with the kids. He further commented that it’s fine as long as they avoid high wind conditions.

  • He also reported that the SUMMIT AT GLENN MILLS has finally received the proper designation in the 911 system as it was previously still showing up as The CRIER IN THE COUNTRY.

Engineer's Report:

Close of the project and final inspection on the Summit at Glen Mills, formerly known as Arbour Square is complete. With the exception of a few evergreen trees, the engineer was satisfied with the final inspection. An escrow release to Westrum builders of $88,964 (less any outstanding invoices owed to the borough) was passed unanimously. The Engineer asked for two conditions on the release: 1) to receive an electronic copy of the as-built plans and 2) a certification of the placement of the perimeter monuments.

31 Smithbridge Rd.

An extension for the building permits for 31 Smithbridge Road land development was approved for another 90 days until July 13th, 2020. Councilwoman Clarke raised concerns about the continuous approvals for an extension without a firm plan to build on the property. A discussion ensued between councilman Baum and the Engineer were it was noted that the issues of dedicating the sewer system at the Brookfield development could be potentially affecting the development plans on 31 Smithbridge Rd. The developer doesn’t have any firm plans for a build at the site and wants to “keep the approvals he has in place”. The build was originally approved for a small commercial 3000 sq. ft. building. It was noted that if the council feels that there is not enough movement on the development or is concerned about keeping development plans in place indefinitely then the council can request action prior to the next extension.


  • Most roads are in good shape with the exception if Ivy Lane and Mattson Road. A budget for the repair of these roads was provided to the council.

  • No turn on red sign at Valleybrook Rd and Rte 1. The resident was concerned about the sign and asked about removal. It was discussed at length and noted that this had been addressed with PennDot in previous years and their recommendation is that the sign remains. The Engineer volunteered to respond to the resident's email directly.

  • Audit of Liquid Fuels Fund– $12K spent on advanced vehicle detection at the traffic light from the liquid fuels fund was disallowed during the audit. The borough will appeal the finding. The borough position is that the expense conforms to the guidelines.

Library (Greg Chestnut)

  • The Rachel Kohl Library is closed and will be applying for a small business loan to continue to carry payroll for the 8 weeks it is required to be closed.

  • The library has 25,000 ebooks and audiobooks available to residents. If you do not have a library card you can call the library and a card will be issued to you for immediate use.

Mayor’s Report

The Mayor will have the park benches that have been stored at his property for over 10 years installed at the park for $354 (not to exceed $400) by Scotts Lawn Care.

Park Committee:

  • Park Clean-up tentatively scheduled for May 9th, 2020

  • Recycling Day Scheduled tentatively scheduled for September 26th, 2020

  • $4365 unbudgeted funds were approved to clean –up trees and tree branches in the park for safety reasons with Springfield Tree Service.

  • The soil will be tested for lead and nitrates.

Communication Committee:

  • 857 MM in the Easter egg hunt – Brook B.– Guessed closest at 850 and will be getting a chocolate bunny.

  • The newsletter will be out this week with NO COVID - 19 information.

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