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Your 2021 Voting Plan - Chester Heights


There is no more straight-party voting.

Vote for EVERY 2021 Democratic Candidate including local candidates on page 2:

Philip Block for Mayor and Marta Driscoll, Nancy Server, Ron Surkin, and Jeff Durst for Council.

It's easy, just select the first box for each position check it out here on the Chester Heights sample ballot.


  • Election Day is Tuesday, November 2nd.

  • Polls are open 7 am -8 pm

  • If you are in line at 8 pm you will be permitted to cast your ballot.


We are voting at the


The School is approximately 2.55 miles up Smithbridge Road. Turn right onto Bob Mench Drive, drive past the library, and before you hit the school building turn left. Then follow the road around to the rear of the school. Prefer Google Maps directions?


When you get there...

Enter through the double glass doors and head straight! Chester Heights voters will line up in the hallway using the school's social distancing stickers and enter the gym through the door further down the corridor on the left.  Proceed to vote and exit through the side door.  The sidewalks will be well lit and will lead you back to the parking lot.

I just want to drop off my Mail-In Ballot?

You cannot drop mail-in ballots at the polling place.

The closest drop box to our polling place is the one at the Rachel Kohl Library.

Want more drop box options? Check out the Delaware County Dropbox Map HERE.


New to voting?

Turns out we all are due to a new voting machine system.

Here is a quick guide to voting in person.

Also, why not prepare ahead of time and check out this 1-minute video on how to use the new Verity Vote Scanning Machine HERE.


I requested a mail-in ballot and

changed my mind?

You can spoil your ballot.

  • Bring both your envelopes and your ballot to the polling place to be surrendered.

  • Check-in. Tell the inspector you have a mail-in ballot, but want to vote in person.

  • The inspector or judge of elections will spoil your ballot.

  • Sign an Elector’s Declaration to Surrender your Mail Ballot and receive a new ballot.

  • Then follow the instructions above or check out the voting process HERE.

I requested a mail-in ballot and it never came or I forgot my ballot at home?

You can cast a provisional ballot. These ballots will be the last ones to be counted once the election bureau has verified that your mail-in ballot has not been cast.


The election results will not be known on election night.

But you already knew that.


Because over thousands of votes have been cast by mail in Delaware County alone. PA law does not allow the bureau to open the ballots until 7 am on Election Day to begin the count. To give a result on election night would mean all those envelopes would have to have been opened, verified, and scanned within the 13-hour window when people are voting. In the past, Chester Heights had 5-20 absentee ballots. This year we have 409.

Thank you for voting!


More voting resources available at Delaware County Votes

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us at ChesterHeightsDems@gmail.com.

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