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Delco Post Primary Election Survey

Help us gather feedback to improve elections in Delaware County.

Do you have concerns about the 2020 Primary Election? Did things not go as smoothly as you expected?

The Election Board wants to improve the voting process and address your concerns.

This is only possible if YOU share your experience

The nonpartisan organization Citizens for Better Elections (CBE) is compiling two surveys for one for in-person voters and one for poll workers and the Delco Democrats have created a survey for mail-in voting. The surveys can be completely anonymous. If you disclose your name it will be redacted before data is reported to the Election Board.

So what do you say, are you ready to make our new voting process better?

Your Feedback = Better Elections

Complete a survey today!


If you voted in person, please complete this in-person voter survey. (from CBE)


If you applied to vote by mail, please complete this vote by mail survey (from the Delco Dems)


If you were a Poll worker - please share your thoughts here, in this poll worker survey (from CBE)


Thank you for participating in our Democracy!

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