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Will Voters' Voices Be VALUED When Borough Council Makes the Vacancy Appointment?

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

By Marta Driscoll

In the 2019 November election, the results showed a very close race among all of the candidates.

The spread between the top elected official and the "biggest loser" were just 18 votes.

This January 6th the top 3 vote-getters were sworn into their respective council seats.

However, late in November after the election, a GOP Council member resigned, leaving one more open seat.

Each of the candidates that was on the ballot, Philip Block, Marta Driscoll, and the remaining GOP Candidate have applied for the vacant position. The residents of the borough have spoken and the logical and equitable choice is to follow the vote and select Philip Block who has the number 4 most votes at 481.

Will the GOP lead council do the right thing and select Philip Block as the new appointment?

What can you do?

Email the borough at in support of Philip Block's Appointment.

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