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RTKR Reveals CHB New Logo is the Wawa Logo

by Marta Driscoll

Why use the right to know legal process to obtain document? Because nothing tells a story like facts backed up by actual documents.

Here is just one thing that I learned that I would like to share with you. When the new council went into effect in 2018 they moved swiftly to get rid of our trademarked logo to replace it with anything that would not be linked to the former council. I presented council with over 170 signatures asking them to keep the original logo trademarked in 2017, but alas they went with change rather then being guided by our past.

Here is link to the letter that formally gives permission to Chester Heights Borough to use the Wawa Logo.

Life changing? No, but concerning given that Wawa Contributed to the CHGOP 2017 Campaign.

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