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5 Changes to PA Voting Laws

Check out these new law changes making voting more accessible to PA residents!

3 will make voting more accessible

  • " No Excuse Needed" Mail-in Voting

  • Extension of the Absentee Ballot/Mail-in ballot deadline. Now due on election day. Delivered in-person to the Election Bureau.

  • More time to register to vote. Up to 15 days before the election. ( April 13th for the primary and October 20th for the general election)

2 make things different, but not necessarily easier or harder

  • No Stickers allowed for the write-in ballot. The name must be written in or stamped in.

  • No straight-party voting. you can still vote for everyone in your party, but you now have to do it one person, one office at a time.

Resources to learn more:

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